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Where will the linen/Amenities be left if i only order linen or amenities?

During the registration process you will be asked to input a secure location for the linen to be left outside the property. This could be in the apartment foyer, within property (if we have access) or any other spot you deem safe. Once the linen is dropped off you will be notified of the delivery so you can pick it up. We recommend leaving it inside a building/property as costs will be incurred if the linen/towelling are not returned to us (please see fee schedule)

How do i book linen rental?

To book the linen rental you can follow the same steps as booking a clean. We recommend booking both, our linen will then be delivered during the clean and our housekeepers will make beds and arrange towelling. If you do not book a clean, you will need to select a day and delivery time window in which you would like the linen delivered/picked up at.

How do i book a clean?

To book a clean you will need to create an account, in which certain information such as property location, property access, property size can be entered. Once you have your property and payment details uploaded you can then select a date/time frame and book your desired cleaning service.