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Additional fee schedule

Booking cancellation fee
Inside 24 hours - 50% of booking cost
Outside 24 hours - No charge

Booking amendment
Inside 24 hours - Not possible
Outside 24 hours - No charge

Unable to access property
15 minute late fee - $25
Over 30 minutes - Full cancellation, 50% of booking cost.

Damaged/lost linen
Additonal collection fee - $20
Doona cover - $40
Bed sheet - $30
Pillow case - $10
Bath towel - $15
Face towel - $10
Hand towel - $10
Bath mat - $10

Will Home and Host wash my sheets or towels?

Home and Host housekeepers do a lot, but unfortunately they don't have time to wash, dry or fold your sheets and towels. Waiting for washing and drying cycles often causes delays and it's not fair for our housekeepers to have to wait around.

If we find dirty linen at your property we will fold it neatly and leave it in the laundry. Anything left in the washer or dryer will not be touched, please ensure your guests are aware of this and act accordingly. Home and Host can take away the hassle with our fresh linen available for hire!