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Key Exchange

Simple! We use a system of lockboxes (the customer must provide the lockbox, we have them available for purchase), Once the details of where the lockbox will be placed is entered into your property profile, and a booking is made for key exchange, we deliver the keys to the lockbox in the morning, ready for your guests arrival, and if a pick up is made, we pick up the keys from the lockbox in the afternoon! Whilst not in use the keys will be stored in our secure facility, ready for the next booking. 

We understand this happens, the best thing to do in this case is to amend your key delivery to the morning before guest arrival, meaning the guests are free to arrive as early as they please! Just remember we require notice to amend your booking.

While unfortunate, this could happen. If your lock box does go walkabout, just let us know and we can replace it with one of ours for an additional fee!

This primarily comes to down to guest education, we recommend for you to inform your guests clearly at check in and prior to check out, they keys must be placed in the lock box by a certain time. You will be charged the full amount in this case, and will have to re-book for the next day. You can always pass this charge onto your guest!

Our key deliveries are scheduled to run prior to 11 am, 7 days a week and pickups between 1pm and 3pm. If your guests would like to check out later than this, we can easily arrange to pick up the keys the next day. If this is the case please ensure you book the pickup for the day after departure.

Our services do not include a lock box, although we can certainly provide one at an additional cost, please get in touch if you are interested. Please note most lock boxes including ours only fit 1-2 keys or a key and a fob.

This is dependant on if your property is a house or an apartment. Anywhere out of general view and securely attached to the ground or a structure is acceptable. In the case of an apartment, it is best to consult your building manager prior to selecting a spot!

Logistically we are unable to arrange this with guests, after years of experience we have found the best solution to be a lock box stored on the premises so they can come and go as they please.

The property keys are stored in our secure facility, security includes alarms, Key safe and CCTV, your keys are in safe hands!


Booking cancellation fee
Inside 24 hours - 50% of booking cost
Outside 24 hours - No charge

Booking amendment
Inside 24 hours - Not possible
Outside 24 hours - No charge

Unable to access property
15 minute late fee - $25
Over 30 minutes - Full cancellation, 50% of booking cost.

Damaged/lost linen
Additonal collection fee - $20
Doona cover - $40
Bed sheet - $30
Pillow case - $10
Bath towel - $15
Face towel - $10
Hand towel - $10
Bath mat - $10

Key exchange
Keys not in place for pickup - $25
Lock box - $95

Every Home and Host housekeeper is background checked, and goes through a rigourous selection and training progam. We only hire the best, to ensure your property will shine!

We give you the opportunity to specify any specific instructions during the property registration process, and also to leave any extra notes while making a booking. These will both be conveyed to the housekeeper

Our housekeepers are equipped with everything they need to complete your clean. As you will see in the booking form, we do require a clean and functional vacuum, mop and bucket for our housekeepers to use

We do have certain charges for lost items and cancellations, please see our fee schedule for more info.

We recommend leaving the linen in a secure area, as there are implications if the linen is not returned o us in full (please see fee schedule)

Home and Host housekeepers do a lot, but unfortunately they don't have time to wash, dry or fold your sheets and towels. Waiting for washing and drying cycles often causes delays and it's not fair for our housekeepers to have to wait around.

If we find dirty linen at your property we will fold it neatly and leave it in the laundry. Anything left in the washer or dryer will not be touched, please ensure your guests are aware of this and act accordingly. Home and Host can take away the hassle with our fresh linen available for hire!

You sure can. Just specify the amount of different packs you would like to order and our team will adjust accordingly. The delivery and pick up fee stays the same regardless of how many packs you order.

Absolutely! You can edit your booking up to 24 hours in advance, within 24 hours you will need to cancel your booking and create a new one.

We understand plans change, we allow you to cancel your clean up to 24 hours in advance without penalty, within 24 hrs a cancellation fee is charged.Please see fee schedule for more info.

Unfortunately due to delivery constraints, Amenity packs must be ordered alongside linen.

Yes indeed! You don’t need to be letting your property to use our services.

No, we prefer running a transparent pricing structure, so instead of receiving a receipt for works you weren’t aware of, we will not clean the BBQ without it being booked prior. We recommend contacting your guests during their stay to confirm whether the BBQ needs cleaning

Payment is authorised at the time of booking confirmation, and processed one completion of the order (every bookings under the same order number). You can access a tax invoice for payments in the accounts section of your dashboard once the order is completed. 

The time window selected indicates the window the clean will be started in. Certain circumstances (e.g. Property left in undesirable state, housekeepers previous clean being deyaled, extra large proeprty etc..) can push this back although Home and Host and its housekeepers will ensure everything possible is done to complete the job within the time window.

During the booking process, you will be asked what day/time window you would like your linen picked up. We will know the location from your initial property registration (please ensure this is up to date). If you book a pick up from 7-10am, our drivers will be instructed of the location of the linen and will pick up the linen anytime between 7-10am. You will be notified once our driver has picked up the linen.

Home and host housekeepers will add any additional comments as they see fit. This could be damage, missing items, condition of the property, guests refusing to leave, anything they believe may be useful for your knowledge.

Almost! The booking will be beemed out to all of our available housekeepers in your local area. Once a housekeeper confirms their schedule, you will be notified of the confirmation. This usually takes place within a matter of hours although demand may be high in your area in which we will manually schedule a housekeeper close by

The linen hire terms is 21 days. If you need longer, the system will recognise this and price accordingly. If you want to book a mid stay linen change delivery, simply put the pick up date of the first booking, and new delivery date of the second booking to the same time window, and ensure the linen is in your specified pick up point at the beginning of that window.

Absolutely! Simply select the end date of your linen hire period to the date of the request mid stay change over, and start another linen booking from that day. Then simply ask your guests to remove the linen and place it in a bag in the indicated position for pick up before 1pm. We will deliver the new linen to that same spot before 11am.

Absolutely! The process is exactly the same as a normal clean, please let us know in the additional comments section that this is a mid stay clean and our housekeepers will ensure to work around the guests belongings. 

This is no problem at all, if you are aware of this at the time of booking, please select an afternoon time window that suits. If the guests do not make you aware more than 48 hours prior to your booking, we unfortunately cannot accommodate this.

We understand that guests sometimes change their plans, which is why we give you up to 48 hours prior to your booking to change your scheduled clean. If the change occurs within this window the original booking will need to be cancelled.

During the registration process you will be asked to input a secure location for the linen to be left outside the property. This could be in the apartment foyer, within property (if we have access) or any other spot you deem safe. Once the linen is dropped off you will be notified of the delivery so you can pick it up. We recommend leaving it inside a building/property as costs will be incurred if the linen/towelling are not returned to us (please see fee schedule)

We do recommend implementing a lock box system to your property. This can be beneficial for arriving guests, and makes it easy for us to gain access to the your property, even when no one is home. Bunnings sell these for around $50-$70. They can be attached to a pole, chain, door handle or any other secured object.

Part of the property registration is to instruct us how to gain access. This could be from the owner letting us in, or leaving the keys in a secure location for us. Our housekeepers will always replace keys to where they found them.

To book the linen rental you can follow the same steps as booking a clean. We recommend booking both, our linen will then be delivered during the clean and our housekeepers will make beds and arrange towelling. If you do not book a clean, you will need to select a day and delivery time window in which you would like the linen delivered/picked up at.

To book a clean you will need to create an account, in which certain information such as property location, property access, property size can be entered. Once you have your property and payment details uploaded you can then select a date/time frame and book your desired cleaning service.

Cleaning day

Our housekeepers will complete their check list for your property and upload the appropriate photos and report prior to departing. You will receive this information via your specified email address as soon as they depart.

Due to time constraints, we cannot conduct the following. We recommend you include the following on your instructions for departing guests

-Wash/Dry dirty dishes

- Wall cleaning

- Wash/Dry your own linen

- Deep clean of fridge and freezer

- Remove built up ice in freezer

- Mould removal

- Carpet cleaning

- Oven Cleaning


Part of our property check list is to ensure all doors, windows are secured before leaving the property. They will then leave the key in the agreed position and document this with a photo.

If an Airbnb clean has been selected, our housekeepers are instructed to remove any perishable items.

We recommend taking out insurance for your property is being used for short term stays. This can cover you for things such as malicious/accidental damage by guests, theft by a guest and much more. The housekeeper will include any noticeable damage/missing items within their comments, after which you can get in touch with your departing guests to discuss.

While we pride ourselves on our staff’s professionalism and punctuality, sometimes events do occur that can delay our housekeepers. If the housekeeper does not arrive within 15 minutes of the end of the allocated time slot, please get in touch with us and we will organise a new housekeeper to be sent out asap.

The housekeeper will wait 15 minutes, in which you will be charged a delay fee (please see fee schedule) the housekeeper will notify us of this and we will get in touch with you. If the housekeeper cannot gain access after 15 minutes the clean will be cancelled and a cancellation fee charged. If this happens please book a new time slot or get in touch with us.

The housekeeper will wait 15 minutes, in which you will be charged a delay fee (please see fee schedule) the housekeeper will notify us of this and we will get in touch with you. If the housekeeper cannot gain access after 15 minutes the clean will be cancelled and a cancellation fee charged. If this happens please book a new time slot or get in touch with us.

  • To ensure the smooth transition of guests and housekeeping, we reccomend requesting the guests to complete the following prior to departure.

  • - Ensure the property is left in a tidy state

  • - Wash, dry and put away any dirty dishes

  • - Remove any perishable items from the fridge and pantry

  • - Ensure all windows and doors are locked.

  • - Lights, air conditioning/heating turned off

  • - Remove any excess rubbish from the property

  • - Place the keys/swipe codes/garage remotes  in the required location (we recommend a lock box outside the property)

Part of the property registration is to instruct us how to gain access. This could be from the owner letting us in, or leaving the keys in a secure location for us. Our housekeepers will always replace keys to where they found them.


Home and Host provides premium linen, used also by some of Australia’s best hotels. Our linen management team ensures the linen is always looking its best, unstained, and pressed. This mix with the high purchase cost of linen, processing times and costs, and precious time taken, it saves you money and time using our linen and towelling.

Short answer, yes. How much you charge will ultimately depends on the size, features and complexity of the property. Once you have your desired services entered and date entered, you will be given a price from Home and Host, we recommend passing this charge onto your guests.

Home and Host has been providing local residents with flexible and reliable cleaning services…...We know that you’re an individual with circumstances that are entirely unique to you. We help you identify what your needs are, and then we provide you with services that have been specially tailored just for you.